Stable services

The stable service concept has been designed taking into account the requirements of the modern sports horse. 

The staff responsible for the stable service takes care of your horse’s daily routines and necessary additional needs. 

The price of the full care service is 955e/month for horses and 940e/month for ponies, tax including. In addition, we provide additional special services.

Stable service


We offer for horses Krafft -feeds and high-quality pre-dried hay from a local

Outdoor paddock

There is half- or full-day outdoor activities possibilities.

Horse box cleaning

The cleanliness of the horse box is a matter of honor fo us.

Comprehensive care

We treat your horse individually.


We want to offer your horse high-quality feed. This is possible with Krafft -feed products.

Feeds are given 2-3 times a day. Mash water is served daily on behalf of the stable.

The Heinätin- hay feeder enables a natural feeding cycle for the horse and prevents illnesses that weaken

performance.  Hay is dispensing even late at night and early in the morning.

The hay is purchased from a local producer. We have also “odelma” -quality.

Outdoor Paddock

There is half- or full-day outdoor activities possibilities in the different size of paddocks. The ground of the paddocks are sand and the fences are made by aluminium tube with integrated electricity. 

The hay and water is servering daily. Paddocks are cleaning daily on behalf of the stable staff.

Horse box cleaning

The comprehensive cleaning is performing during morning stable, and intermediate cleaning during evening stable.

Comprehensive care

Our staff will monitor your horse during the working day. Routine horse care procedures, monitoring of the health condition and possible medication are handled according to needs.

Additional services

Horses and customer needs are individual. We try to take into account the different needs that support the
horse’s well-being and training program. Additional services include e.g. special treatment and medications
as well as helping with riding and lunging.

Wellness services

We offer and organize various treatments for horses that promote well-being and support training.

Treatment of muscle membrane

The professional muscle membrane specialist Niina Grönqvist will be available for horses at Wesunda.


We have Irradia medical laser for horses.


100 % carded unwashed sheep wool for your horses legs for treating cuts and swelling and increasing blood flow.


We have three high-quality Warendorfer solariums. Solarium treatment is ideal before training to warm up muscles and prevent injuries. UV light is also needed to produce vitamin D in horses.