Horse stable

The heart of the Wesunda is the horse stable having 40 boxes. The walls are made by Horseman´s strong concrete walls. The four meter wide corridors are equipped with rubber bricks. There is direct passage to indoor and outdoor arenas.

The stable has large grooming area and washing bays plus own place for vet and farrier. There is lot of storage spaces. Also coffee corner and lounge area brings comfort.

Horse boxes

The boxes are large, bright, equipped with openable window and Röwer’s Hamburg model elements. The
Heinätin hay feeder dispenses hay at regular intervals, even during the night and morning hours.

Grooming area

There is huge grooming area with three solarium and three washing bays. 

The grooming area could be described as a living room, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in good company while your horse enjoys the solarium.


We want beautiful saddles and bridles to be appreciated. The tackroom has a spacious equipment cabinet for each client, two bridle racks and one saddle rack.

There is also washing place for equipments.

Wesunda inside Arena

Wesunda Arena is a bright, spacious, thermally insulated dressage inside arena. The size of the riding area is 26mx70m. The riding surface is made by OTTO Sport.

The short side has a VIP lounge stand and the long side has a main stand for 250 people. On the other long side exists a corridor that leads to the lunging circle, the outdoor riding arena and the backyard.

In the front side of Arena exists club building. Downstairs there is kitchen, cafeteria and dining facilities, shop, toilets and social facilities and competition office. On the upper floor there is accommodation facilities, sauna, gym and lecture room.

Lunging Arena

The covered lunging circle with a diameter of 20m is intended for lunging of horses and working from the ground. The circle can be accessed directly from the inside arena and also from the outside.

Wesunda Outdoor Arena

The fenced and lighted outdoor dressage arena made by OTTO Sport is in the focus of the Wesunda. The riding area is 55m x 70m having possibility to organise two dressage competition classes at same time. 

There is direct access to the arena from the stables and from the indoor arena.