In Wesunda, coaching activities play a significant role. Dressage training and working with a horse is continuous learning for everybody.

For this, each of us needs regular coaching and guidance.

Minna Uronen,
Head rider and coach

For our customers in Wesunda, I can regularly offer both riding and coaching services on a daily basis.
Together, we can tailor a monthly service package that fits the needs of the rider or horse. Thanks to our
full care stable service, I can also take horses whose owners do not have the opportunity to be there
themselves for riding or sales.

I work at Wesunda not only as a rider but also as a responsible trainer for our customers. In the role of a responsible trainer, I consider it important to comprehensively develop and support the rider and the horse, and I try to be present as much as possible in the everyday life of the stable.



Price of monthly coaching (inc. VAT 24%)

– Coaching/riding 3 x week: 450 EUR, additional time 35 EUR

– Coaching/riding 2 x week: 320 EUR

– Coaching/riding 1 x week: 180 EUR

Duration of coaching/riding 30 min/ 1 rider 45 min/ 2 riders



Coaching reservations and inquiries directly from Minna

tel: 050 596 9071

Facebook: Tmi Minna Uronen

Instagram: tmi.minnauronen

Other coaches

We organize coaching for the following coaches: Ville Vaurio, Janne Berg and Jenny Eriksson. We also bring other top dressage trainers from abroad.


Wesunda’s premises are perfectly suited for organizing various equestrian events. We aim to organize coaching and training clinics and lectures regularly. Other companies and riding clubs are also welcome to organize events.


We organize competition exercises and competitions in dressage. The large outdoor arena enables two full-length competition track .

Other companies and riding clubs in the field are also welcome to organize competitions.