Wesunda Dressage Oy

Wesunda Dressage Oy is founded in 2022. Its core operation is based on the management and development of the new dressage competition and training stable center located in Hattula.


The activities are focused on the following

● horse rehabilitation, maintenance and treatment services

● coaching, training, competition and event activities related to dressage and horse well-being

● activities related to the promotion and production of equestrian events and competitions

● sales of horse accessories and feed

● horse breeding activities


We want to strengthen and develop our wonderful sport while respecting the values of Wesunda. In order to achieve the goal, we are building the top training facilities, that together with professional staff will guarantee horses’ welfare, customer convenience, and environmental friendliness. We support each customer on their journey to their dream, side by side with their best friend – the horse.

The story of Wesunda


One day I found my essay from secondary school. The topic I wrote about 30 years ago was amazingly close to what the future Wesunda Dressage and its operation will be. The idea of a horse center started as a child. The decision to start the planning of this dream started in 2016 during a horse trip in Holland, where I was inspired about this future project. Then the details of the dream began to take shape towards its final form and operational concept. Exactly what is currently being built in Hattula.


Wesunda Dressage brings horse life back to the cultural and historical landscapes of Vesunta in Hattula. There have been horses in the area throughout its history, and the name of the area on the map is Hevoshaka. Wesunda Dressage wants to cherish the tradition of the region. The future center and its operations are exactly this at its best. In the architecture, attention has been paid to the style, appearance and material choices of the buildings, so that the dignity of the area and its history would emerge with the horses while also respecting the environment. It should be mentioned that the name Wesunda goes back to the 14th-15th centuries, when the names Wesundia and Vesunda were used for the Vesunta manor.

The value of Wesunda

The spirit of Wesunda is the result of its values. We help ambitious equestrians reach the next level andchaise for their dreams. To fulfill our mission we are committed to four core values that define how we operate.


The core of our activity is goal-oriented dressage and horse management. It includes maintaining,
supporting and developing goals and educational level.


We offer a professional facilities and operating environment for training dressage riding.


The idea of Wesunda Dressage was born from love to dressage. We want to spread that love by creating
wellbeing to everyone we work with.


Wesunda is the place where you can live and breathe dressage. A place where the culture of openness,
learning from each other, and cheering for each other, drive individuals and the whole Finnish dressage
community forward.


Wesund Dressage’s operations are planned with environmental values in mind. Our goal is to achieve an environmental certification in the future, the principles of which we will commit to. We will keep our carbon footprint small by, among other things, investing in fossil-free energy, energy efficiency, reducing wastage, and carefully selected feed suppliers. We operate under the conditions of the horses’ well-being, taking into account their species-typical needs, updating our experience with the latest research information. The respect between horses and people are mutual.

Wesunda team

Wesunda’s staff will consist of a committed team, with a stable manager, horse
grooms, trainer, riders etc. If you are interested in being part of us, feel
free to contact us.

Heidi Taipale

Founder and CEO

IIIK dressage judge

SRL 1 level coach

Vice president of Kanta-Hämeen Ratsastajat

Horse owner and breeder

A competing dressage rider

Horse Sports Manager

Minna Uronen

Head Coach and Rider

Rider (Bereiter, Germany)

Riding teacher (Finland)

Riding coach (Finland)

Veronika Kiisk

Stable Manager

Stable service professional

Horse well-being expert